Presa Canario Dog Breed

Presa Canario Dog Breed

The Presa Canario Dog Breed is a vigorous and huge mossoid kind of a canine, with many muscles. The average stature of Presa Canario is between 56-66 cm, which is 22-26 inches, and weight is for the most part between 40-65 kg, which is 88-145 pounds.

Presa Canario Dog Breed
Presa Canario Dog Breed


The females usually are a tad more modest than guys. The Presa Canario comes in two tones. The first is mottle, and they can be in all shades of the spot, shifting from dim earthy colored to practically blonde. The subsequent technique is groveled. They can have white blemishes on the chest, the base of the neck, or feet. The cover should consistently be dark. The Presa Canario has a monstrous head, medium to enormous estimated oval molded and dull eyes; the ears are trimmed in many cases; however, if they are left normal, they hang down intently fitting to the head.


The Presa Canario has a too threatening appearance, yet it is a very quiet canine variety. The personality is endlessly affected via preparing and early socialization. Yet, when the Presa Canario is around its proprietor and family, they will, in general, be quiet and incredibly committed and mild. In general, they will be very dynamic and lively, especially when they are more youthful.

Then again, this is a trustworthy willed canine who is typically wary, dubious, and alert around outsiders. They can be effectively-prepared to be acceptable regional defenders. Early appropriate socialization is unquestionably required with the Presa Canario, particularly on the off chance you need to have a devoted buddy close by. Even though the Presa Canario is too sharp canine, that is fit for getting new orders decently fast; they are not absolute suckers to prepare. It is a direct result of their autonomous, fearless, and definite willed personality.

This is a terrible decision for an amateur or inexperienced canine proprietor along these lines and their staggering quality. Another significant interesting point when purchasing a Presa Canario is their higher energy. They certainly need every day open-air workout, more extended strolls, intelligent recess, or runs.

Else, they will get exhausted and can create risky conduct like devastation. In general, the Presa Canario is an incredible domesticated animal guardian and significant ally for dynamic and experienced canine proprietors who realize how to mingle and prepare canine from a younger age properly.


It is accepted that the Presa Canario inception goes back to the fifteenth or sixteenth century and that its predecessors are old indigenous Canarian canines called Bardino Majorero and other mastiffs like canines brought to the Canary Islands by Spanish conquistadores. During the seventeenth century, the ubiquity of this new variety raised quickly, and the Presa Canario was utilized as an animal watchman canine and to monitor the ranch from hunters, and they were extraordinary at it.

Tragically, the Presa Canario was additionally used for canine battling until the disallowance of canines battles in the 1940s. From that point onward, the quantity of canine actions has been decreased to the least, yet there were still some unlawful battles. The Presa Canario became an incredible domesticated animal defender, yet also a well-known friend canine. In the second 50% of the twentieth century, the Presa Canario numbers declined a considerable amount.

It was because they were not, at this point, required that much for dealing with ranches and because of additional import of other European canines, for example, German Shepherds or Dobermans. Fortunately, in the 1970s, individuals began to restore the variety, and in 1982 The Perro De Presa Canario breed club was framed. Today, the Presa Canario isn’t on the skirt of destruction. However, it is as yet an uncommon variety, particularly outside the Canary Islands.

Security and Maintenance

For an enormous canine variety, the Presa Canario is excellent, with an average life expectancy between 10-12 years. Much the same as the lion’s share of more prominent types, they can experience the ill effects of hip dysplasia. Other medical problems that can be offered less frequently and generally in more established age incorporate panosteitis, entropion, hypothyroidism, swelling, or demodectic mange. The Presa Canario is a simple variety to maintain and prep. Their short coat sheds, so brushing is recommended week by week on the off chance you need to limit the shedding to least.

They can drool after drinking and eating; however, once more, it is not all that much, particularly in comparison to different mastiffs breeds. Much like all canines, you ought to consistently check their eyes, ears, and nails and clasp them or clean them if necessary.

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