Interesting Things of Kai Ken Dog Breed

Kai Ken Dog Breed

The Kai Ken Dog Breed is an antiquated local Japanese variety, begun in the precipitous Kai region in Yamanashi prefecture. For quite a while, they were secluded from the remainder of the world and gratitude to that it is accepted that this is one of the most flawless and generally old of all Japanese canine varieties.

Kai Ken Dog Breed
Kai Ken Dog Breed


This is a phenomenal tracker, and they were generally used to chase deer and pig, however at times even bears. They are known for their nimbleness, physicality, fearlessness and knowledge. They are incredible climbers, and they have been known to climb trees after the prey. The Kai Ken is likewise superb swimmer and won’t stop for a second to run into waterway or lake after the game.

Nihon Ken

Which implies they are one of the six local Japanese varieties secured by the Nihon Ken Hozonkai association. The other five local Japanese types incorporate Akita, Shiba, Shikoku, Kishu and Hokkaido. The Kai Ken was likewise assigned as a typical Japanese landmark or characteristic fortune in 1934.

Tiger canine

The Kai Ken has been given an epithet of Tora canine, which can be interpreted as a Tiger canine. It is because of their lovely streak coat, which looks like tiger stripes. The intriguing truth is that little dogs are brought into the world a firm tone, and they turn streak as they develop. You can discover this canine in three shading varieties, the dark line (Kuro-Tora), mottle (Chu-Tora) and Red spot (Aka-Tora).


This canine was utilized for chasing for extended periods, so it is no big surprise that they have a high energy level and high exercise needs. They will appreciate a long walk blended in with some intuitive recess, which will animate the canines mind also. The vast majority of them likewise understand swimming. Remember, that this is a tracker on a fundamental level they have higher prey drive, so on the off chance that you are in the obscure or unfenced zone, it may be smarter to keep this variety on-chain. It is difficult to review them when they start the chase.


Living with

The Kai Ken isn’t just an extraordinary tracker, yet additionally a decent family friend. They are known for being quiet and delicate with kids. You ought to never leave a tiny kid with any canine solo. The Kai Ken additionally prefers to frame a pack, and they don’t commonly have issues with different canines in the family. Then again, as a result of their higher prey drive, they may attempt to chase down other more modest family pets.

Guard dog

The Kai Ken cherishes its family and makes a solid bond with it, yet then again, they don’t care for outsiders without question. They ought not to be aggressive towards them without an explanation, yet they are ready and saved towards them. They will doubtlessly alarm you when they see a possible peril, which makes them great gatekeepers and guard dogs.


This is a medium measured canine variety with normal Spitz like appearance with pricked ears. The normal tallness is between 45-56 cm, which is 18-22 inch and weight is regularly between 11-25 kg, which is 25-55 pounds. The females will, in general, be marginally more modest than guys.


The Kai Ken usually is perfect canine, and they don’t have a significant part of the commonplace doggy scent, and generally speaking, they require just little coat care. They do shed, occasionally heavily, so standard brushing is recommended to limit the shedding. Much the same as with all canines, you ought to routinely check the Kai Kens ears, eyes and nails and clean them or clasp them if necessary.


The Kai Ken is generally a good variety with a great life expectancy between 14-16 years. They can experience the ill effects of some medical problems like hypersensitivities, hip dysplasia, reformist retinal decay, patellar luxation and other ordinary canine issues, yet none of these issues is incredibly essential with this variety.


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