Polish Greyhound Dog Breed

Polish Greyhound Dog Breed

The Polish Greyhound Dog Breed is perceived by significant pet hotel clubs far and wide, including the FCI or UKC. As indicated by those, this is a canine of incredible size and instructing appearance, and it ought to be more reliable and heavier boned than most different sighthounds. In any case, they are still lean and athletic.

Polish Greyhound Dog Breed
Polish Greyhound Dog Breed


The normal tallness is between 27-32 inches, 68-81 cm, and weight is regularly between 60-90 lbs, which is 27-40 kg. So as should be obvious, this truly is a significant canine. Females will, in general, be somewhat more modest than guys. The Polish Greyhound has a short and smooth layer of variable lengths over all the body, typically a tad longer on his body, bum, and tail. You can discover this variety in numerous tones, the most well-known are dark and tan, blue and beige. This variety has huge almond moulded eyes, and the eye tone relies upon the shade of his jacket and will go from dim earthy coloured to amber. The restricted ears are set at eye level and medium measured.


This variety was initially utilized for chasing fowls and different creatures, and when they are pursuing, they are fearless, absolute, definitive, quick, and confident. This is unquestionably an incredible tracker; nowadays, they are regularly living as family allies. Also, they can make incredible family friends, particularly for dynamic families. This is unquestionably an unwavering, regional, and defensive canine that is very ready and careful about outsiders, yet they ought not to give any indications of wild aggression.

Then again, Polish Greyhound cherishes its family. By and large, they are respectful, friendly, delicate, and perky. Generally, the Polish Greyhound doesn’t have issues with kids in the family. You ought to consistently oversee the circumstance between a tiny youngster and any canine variety. The Polish Greyhound probably won’t be the ideal decision for individuals with other more modest family pets since they may attempt to pursue them, mainly if they will flee from them, however with legitimate early socialization, they can cheerfully live respectively with other small canines or felines.

The Polish Greyhound loves to pursue all that moves, and it doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that it is another creature or a leaf conveyed by a breeze. That is the reason you should give them off-chain access to special or fenced zones because once they start the pursuit, it is tough to review them. Then again, on account of their high pursuing impulse, they are brilliant adepts for bait flowing.


We are not secure with the varieties history and family, yet they are almost certainly predecessors of Asiatic sighthounds like Saluki. We are likewise not sure when they initially got into Poland. The primary records about the presence of Polish Greyhound in Poland are confirmed since the thirteenth century, so as should be obvious, this is an ancient canine variety. Back in the days, this was most loved chasing canine of Polish honorability, and they were generally used to track feathered creatures and rabbits, foxes, deer, or even wolves.

They were utilized for chasing in a gathering, who might run on rope close to the horse, and when they would see a prey, the trackers would let them be allowed to follow it. In winter, they were shipped on a sleigh secured with covers, and when the game appeared, they were delivered from the sleigh. During the nineteenth and the primary portion of the twentieth century, the quantity of Polish Greyhound dropped definitely, and the variety was almost cleared out after the subsequent universal war.

From the 1970s, there were endeavours to revitalize and spare the type, and fortunately, it was successful. One of the individuals who is credited for restoring this variety is Stanisław Czerniakowski. FCI perceived the Polish Greyhound in 1989 and by UKC in 1996. Even though this variety isn’t on the skirt of termination any longer, they are viewed as pretty uncommon, particularly outside Poland.

Security and Maintenance

The Polish Greyhound is typically an excellent canine variety with an average life expectancy between 10-12 years. Even though they don’t experience any medical problems’ ill effects, there are instances of cardiomyopathy, reformist retinal decay, or gastric twist. Some of them can likewise have hypersensitive responses to sedation or a few medications, for example, to specific anti-microbials. The preparation and generally speaking support isn’t hard.

An ordinary week after week brushing will help eliminate the dead hair and limit the shedding; however, even without practically any brushing, the coat will remain in excellent condition. Much like all the canine varieties, you ought to routinely check their eyes, ears, and nails and clasp them or clean them if necessary.

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